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EMIN Endocrinology has the Endocrinologist best rated in Girona, Andorra, Barcelona by its patients.

EMIN Endocrinologia has in its medical team the most recommended endocrinologist in Girona, Andorra, Barcelona.

Doctor Elisabet Juncà, specialist in Endocrinology and Nutrition, with more than twenty years of experience in medical consultation, is the professional who leads the EMIN (Endocrinology Metabolism and Nutrition) project, whose main purpose is to bring the patient closer to their condition of optimal health.

EMIN Endocrinology has Endocrinology and Nutrition Consultation in Girona, Andorra, Barcelona, Online.

EMIN Endocrinology has within its medical team the best endocrin...

Who is the best endocrinologist? According to their patients, the best endocrinologists are part of the EMIN Endocrinology medical team.

EMIN Endocrinology integrative medicine...

EMIN Endocrinology is recognized as the best integrative endocrine team according to its patients...

EMIN Endocrinology is recognized as the best integrative endocrinology team in...

La doctora Elisabet Juncà, especialista en Endocrinologia i Nutrició, amb més de vint anys d'experiència en consulta mèdica a Andorra, Girona, Barcelona. Endocrinòleg de Girona, Andorra, Barcelona millor valorat. L'endocrinòleg més recomanat a Girona, Andorra, Barcelona. Clíniques i metges d'Endocrinologia. Consulta d'Endocrinologia i Nutrició a Girona, Andorra, Barcelona, Online. Millors endocrins a Girona, Barcelona, Andorra. Qui és el millor endocrinòleg de Girona? Millor endocrí. Medicina integrativa.

  • Degree in medicine and surgery from the Autonomous University of Barcelona (UAB) in 2002.

  • Specialty via MIR: Endocrinology and Nutrition performed at the University Hospital Dr. Josep Trueta from Girona.​

  • Postgraduate degree in Nutrition validated by the Spanish Society of Endocrinology (SEEN).​

  • Clinical Nutrition Postgraduate at Gregorio Marañón Hospital.

  • Doctor Specialist in Endocrinology and Nutrition member of the EMIN team with own practice in Andorra and Girona.

Languages: Catalan, spanish, english and french. 

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