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EMIN Endocrinology has the Endocrinologist best rated in Girona, Andorra, Barcelona by its patients.

EMIN Endocrinologia has in its medical team the most recommended endocrinologist in Girona, Andorra, Barcelona.

Degree in biology and in nutrition and dietetics.  Specialized in microbiology and cell biology, dietitian, nutritionist with extensive experience in metabolic dietetics, hormonal disorders, immunonutrition, nutri-inflammation, nutrigenomics, nutrigenetics, nutrition and fertility. Long-distance triathlete in races in extreme conditions.

Intervention within the EMIN team: 

- Comprehensive management of insulin resistance syndrome: Diabetes, prediabetes, polycystic ovary syndrome, overweight. 

- Complete study of  Microbiota: inflammation of the digestive system, reflux, hiatal hernia, dysbiosis, gastrointestinal comfort, ...

- Comprehensive management of the pathology  autoimmune. 

-Antiaging nutritional treatment  micro and macro nutritional. Indication of personalized nutritional plans in the context of longevity and metabolic health, circadian routines, consolidation  nutritional plans to generate quality of life.

EMIN Endocrinology has Endocrinology and Nutrition Consultation in Girona, Andorra, Barcelona, Online.

EMIN Endocrinology has within its medical team the best endocrin...

Who is the best endocrinologist? According to their patients, the best endocrinologists are part of the EMIN Endocrinology medical team.

EMIN Endocrinology integrative medicine...

EMIN Endocrinology is recognized as the best integrative endocrine team according to its patients...

EMIN Endocrinology is recognized as the best integrative endocrinology team in...


  • Biologist specialized in microbiology and cell biology, dietician, nutritionist, graduated in Toulouse (France).

  • Specialized in microbiology and cell biology,​

  • Nutritionist specialized in personalized sports advice, long distance and endurance.

  • Postgraduate degree in cellular microbiome and nutrigenomics.

LanguagesCatalan, Spanish and French. 

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