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EMIN Endocrinology has the Endocrinologist best rated in Girona, Andorra, Barcelona by its patients.

EMIN Endocrinologia has in its medical team the most recommended endocrinologist in Girona, Andorra, Barcelona.

An integrative pediatric endocrinologist is the medical professional who deals with the treatment of endocrine disorders in children and adolescents with a comprehensive approach.

Intervention within the EMIN team:

- Performs a complete assessment of the patient's medical history, developmental history, and symptoms.

- Prescribes laboratory tests and other therapies for the control of endocrine disorders as well as evaluates hormone levels and other relevant indicators.

- Develops treatment plans for endocrine disorders such as childhood diabetes, thyroid disorders, growth disorders, early or late puberty disorders, etc.

- Provides dietary guidance and nutrition advice for patients with endocrine disorders such as childhood diabetes. He collaborates with the nutritionists of the EMIN team and other health professionals to guarantee comprehensive care.

- Carry out periodic follow-ups of patients to assess their response to treatment. Adjust treatment plans as needed to ensure hormone levels are within normal parameters.

-Works collaboratively with other physicians and health professionals to provide coordinated care. He collaborates especially with paediatricians, adult endocrinologists, nutritionists, psychologists and other specialists according to the patient's needs.

-Provides education to patients and their families about the nature of endocrine disorders, treatment procedures, and the importance of follow-up. Provides advice on how to prevent complications and maintain optimal health in patients. It promotes healthy lifestyles and proper eating habits.

EMIN Endocrinology has Endocrinology and Nutrition Consultation in Girona, Andorra, Barcelona, Online.

Dr. Henry Marcano




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