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EMIN Endocrinology has the Endocrinologist best rated in Girona, Andorra, Barcelona by its patients.

EMIN Endocrinologia has in its medical team the most recommended endocrinologist in Girona, Andorra, Barcelona.

Physical trainer, specialized in physical applications  in low-grade chronic inflammatory pathology: cardiovascular disease, metabolic alterations (obesity - overweight) and oncology.

Prescriber of physical progression programs adapted to the physiological and/or pathological conditions of each person.

Intervention within the EMIN team:

- Prescribe physical exercise at a distance or in format  Attended.

- Indications for planning physical activity within programs for obesity, autoimmunity, inflammatory pathology and diseases  oncological/ neurodegenerative. 

- Personalized, progressive training and   custom designed for specific medical and professional goals.

- Instructor of physical activity in mountain sports, specialist in skiing.

EMIN Endocrinology has Endocrinology and Nutrition Consultation in Girona, Andorra, Barcelona, Online.

Marc Pallàs.jpeg
  • OMS course exercise, obesity and cancer Obesity management School Prescription of exercise in the diagnosis of cancer and obesity.

  • Official master's degree in physical activity and health (MAFIS).

  • Master in administration and management of sports companies.

  • Degree in physical activity and sport sciences.

  • University of Barcelona, INEFC Barcelona.

LanguagesCatalan, Spanish and French. 

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