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Endocrinology Antiaging and Longevity.Premium pack.

To feel better we can increase the dopamine values in our body. Dopamine is this chemical component that "turns us on" and that makes our heart beat faster. It is primarily related to desire and pleasure.

It is necessary to carry out an integrative endocrinological assessment, which includes the genetic reasons, the triggering causes, the current risk factors and those foreseeable in the near future, it is necessary to plan a realistic integrative multidisciplinary treatment according to the situation of each person.

The PREMIUM ANTI-AGING AND HEALTH GENERATOR PACK  is a program with a duration of six to eight months whose main objective is the comprehensive improvement of the patient's health with exclusive monitoring by professionals specialized in the field of endocrinology and nutrition, it is an integrative program, multidisciplinary, designed to effectively improve the passage of time and generate intra and extracellular body rejuvenation.

Who is it aimed at? 


This program is aimed at all those people over 35 years of biological age who want an integrative, fully personalized approach, dedicated to focusing and studying the clinical, nutritional and metabolic state of the patient, providing new and complementary tests 'high information to make a 6-month treatment plan to prevent aging.

Also for those people with an autoimmune or inflammatory disease to address the medical problem from a molecular and hormonal basis.

What is the purpose of the program?

The main objective is to minimize and reverse the aging of the patient, through the medical-nutritional and sports approach, using cutting-edge diagnostic tools such as specific DNA analyzes and assessment of intracellular inflammation indicators .


The program lasts six months, during which the patient's body will undergo significant changes towards rejuvenation.

Why does the program last 6 months?


Anti-aging programs require at least four to six months for all the tests that are programmed to be assessed, they require an initial assessment and a minimum evolutionary control of 60 days. Most of the hormones that act in the antiaging process have a cycle of 28 to 30 days. Likewise, the blood cell replacement lasts about 120 days, so from EMIN Endocrinología we are convinced that at least 6 tables are needed to demonstrate real cellular and bodily changes.

Firmly andfullness  comes the understanding and appreciation of your most important asset, your health.

What does it include Premium pack?


Prior submission of specially developed antiaging medical questionnaire.


Clinical session analysis of the results of the year-age medical questionnaire by the EMIN integrative team.


First endocrinological assessment of the patient (personalized online visit with Dr. Elisabet Juncà).


Personalized prescription of hormonal, metabolic, urinary, anti-inflammatory blood, salivary, urinary and genetic analysis.


Extraction of samples and biological analyzes in the laboratory: extraction in a reference center and sending of samples will be facilitated.


Nutritional consultation withnutritionist from the EMIN medical team.


Second endocrinological assessment of the patient (visit in person at the clinic or online, personalized visit with Dr. Elisabet Juncà): Detailed prescription of specific treatment. Specific prescription of nutritional proposal. Physical activity prescription.


Follow-up nutritional consultation withnutritionist from the EMIN medical team: adjustment of the medical program to the specific nutritional guideline.


8.500 €

Services offered in the program:

  • Three visits with an endocrinologist specialized in integrative endocrinology, they can be online visits or face-to-face visits in Andorra.

  • Two integrative nutritional visits, they can be online visits or face-to-face visits in Andorra.

  • Complementary tests included in the program:

    • Application of two specific genetic tests telomeric and methylation for definition of biological age

    • Application of intestinal dysbiosis or uterine or skin dysbiosis test (to be defined according to each patient).

    • Application and determination of the heavy metal test in hair.

    • Two blood tests for complete determinations, hormonal, micro-nutritional, metabolic, cardiovascular disease preventive, viral detection, serology, antibody panel,   lymphocyte status, micro-immunity markers.

  • Direct communication with medical team.

  • Consensus among the professionals of the medical team to design the patient-specific plan, clinical sessions of the medical team to evaluate the patient.

  • Constant clinical documentation on the medical platform: the patient will have his/her own space within the medical visit platform where all content will be edited and uploaded in compliance with data protection law.


  • Private health manager, who will schedule the visits, will remind you weekly of the instructions to be carried out, refer to the endocrine doctor and the nutritionist the online consultations and doubts that may appear during the treatment period.

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