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Endocrinological, nutritional and sports program designed to treat Autoimmune diseases.

Autoimmune diseases affect millions of people around the world, they are disorders in which the body's immune system mistakenly and harmfully attacks its own cells and tissues. Among them are endocrinological diseases such as: Graves' disease, Hasimoto's Thyroiditis, type 1 diabetes. 

Hashimoto's thyroiditis (HT) is the most common autoimmune disease and the main cause of hypothyroidism, in which damage to the thyroid gland occurs due to lymphocyte infiltration. Many patients with HT, have excess body weight, metabolic disorders and a reduced quality of life, it is important  explain that  most of these symptoms are improveable and can even be completely eliminated by applying the correct protocol. 

Who is it aimed at?


This program is aimed at all those people who suffer from some type of autoimmune disease and  they want a specialized medical program that contemplates an integrative vision that includes genetic reasons, triggering causes, current and foreseeable risk factors in the near future, in which a realistic integrative multidisciplinary treatment will be planned according to the situation of each person to achieve an endocrine diagnosis and tutoring with the support of a nutrition professional and a physical trainer.

The program is aimed at patients with:



  • Vitiligo




What is the purpose of the program?


Autoimmune diseases have various implications, they usually affect several organs at the same time and it is frequent  have "silent" autoimmune disease or not previously diagnosed. The aim of the program is to diagnose and treat  with a broad view from the cause to the last consequence of the autoimmune situation. We emphasize modulating the  stimulating elements ("triggers"), currently there are several thousand of them, however the most important are those that  damage the cortisol axis (years ago it was scientifically proven that autoimmune diseases appear after a period of significant stress), estrogenic, metabolic alterations (it is important to know which elements  of the nutritional pattern can activate or slow down autoimmune diseases, is scientifically described),  dysbiotic (altered gut microbiota activates autoimmune disease), nutritional and environmental.  

Finally, in an integrative way, focusing on the cause of the entity generating autoimmunity,  define the complete treatment, which does not fall  only in the hormone replacement "euthyrox" as the only possible element but it has several essential stages of treatment.  

Bibliographic notes: 

  • Fabrice Duval   et al , Neurobiology of stress. 

  • Kassem Sharif, The role of stress in the mosaic of autoimmunity: an overlooked association.

  • Nick Huang, Metabolism as a target for modulation of autoimmune diseases.

  • Firoze Khan, Environmental agents, oxidative stress and autoimmunity. 

What is the duration of the program?


The program lasts 6 months.

With firmness and fullness comes the understanding and appreciation of your most important asset, your health.

What does the Pack include?


In order to prepare for the first visit, the patient will receive a form to learn about his personal history, his known pathologies, the treatment he has been undergoing prior to the visit and previous nutritional treatments.


Clinical session analysis of the results of the medical questionnaire by the EMIN integrative team.


First endocrinological assessment of the patient, personalized online visit with Dra. Juncà where the comprehensive assessment of the patient will be carried out with a study of the endocrine characteristics and the corresponding evaluation of complementary tests that the patient already has:


  • Compilation of  analytical data, specialized assessment, integrative clinical approach. 

  • Diagnosis  patient's metabolic: assessment of the presence of insulin resistance,  cardiovascular risk,  nutritional and vitamin status. 

  • Diagnosis  hormonal: evaluation of the hormonal axis  reproductive (menopausal states,  polycystic ovary syndrome,  estrogen-dependent inflammatory states...)

  • Design of a medical program  to  size, to be followed according to the specific characteristics of the patient in order to improve the state of health in the broad autoimmune context.


Prescription and personalized request for clinical analysis.


Referral to a nutritionist to prepare the prescribed diet, constant contact between doctor and nutritionist, adjustment of the medical program to the specific nutritional guideline. Stratification and application of nutritional goals in accordance with the medical program and definition of the habit change plan.


Follow-up medical visit, to be carried out one month after the first visit: second endocrinological assessment of the patient. Evaluation of the weight loss process. Evaluation of the additional tests requested. Detailed prescription of specific treatment. Specific prescription of nutritional proposal. Physical activity prescription.


Follow-up nutritional visit, will take place one month after the first nutritional visit.


Final medical visit will take place between the third and fourth month. Final assessment of the patient. Evaluation of the results and planning of the weighing process.



Services offered in the program: 

  • Three visits with an endocrinologist specialized in integrative endocrinology, they can be online visits or face-to-face visits in Andorra.


  • Two integrative nutritional visits, they can be online visits or face-to-face visits in Andorra.


  • Direct communication with medical team.


  • Constant clinical documentation on the medical platform: the patient will have his/her own space within the medical visit platform where all content will be edited and uploaded in compliance with the data protection law.


  • Private health manager, who will schedule the visits, will remind you weekly of the instructions to be carried out, refer to the endocrine doctor and the nutritionist the online consultations and doubts that may appear during the treatment period.

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